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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Ask away.

  • What types of activities are guests involved in?
    In addition to a monthly newsletter, we provide a daily activity schedule and special events calendar.  The daily activity schedule provides details about the programs throughout the day. We have time set aside for social hour, current events, group and individual activities (games, crafts, special entertainment and visiting with friends), health updates, and more.  Our day also includes exercise and movement as well as nutritious breakfasts, lunches and afternoon snack.  We participate in the community by hosting different performance groups from the area including The Elkhart Public Library, Pottowatomi Zoo and Elkhart Parks Department.

    We are running two programs and the guest participants in the program that is best suited for their cognitive abilities.  We offer a secured wing for guests that wander.

    Our monthly calendar provides information for caregivers regarding upcoming events and menus.
  • Can I drop my loved one off whenever I need a rest?
    At Riverview ADHC, we ask that our guests attend on a regular basis.  This not only develops a schedule for your loved one, but it also helps them to establish a relationship with the staff and other guests.  A guest may chose to attend every day or just a few half-days a week. Twenty-four hour notice is required for a cancellation. And with notice, often a guest may change their scheduled day to attend.
  • Are there financial aid programs available?
    For information regarding financial assistance, please notify the Executive Director.   The Center has a contract with the Veterans Administration, accepts Medicaid Waivers and Choice Program.
  • Who do I talk to regarding transportation needs?
    During the enrollment interview, notify the Executive Director about the need for transportation.
  • What does the enrollment process involve?
    To enroll in our program, an enrollment interview needs to be scheduled in order for the Executive Director and Nurse to meet with the prospective guest.  This meeting takes approximately 45 minutes.  This meeting involves an overview of the program, including our mission, admission criteria, discharge criteria, physician forms, and daily activities.  We also conduct a quick assessment to ensure that our services are appropriate for the prospective guest.

    Before a guest begins services with us, we need to have a Physician’s Order form, completed by the primary care physician, testing for Tuberculosis (results included), and the enrollment paperwork.  Information and forms will be provided during the enrollment interview.
  • Is there a waiting list to come to Riverview ADHC?
    We do have limited openings on certain days.  If there are no openings on a day you wish to attend, we will place your name on a waiting list for that day and notify you immediately when a space becomes available.  We encourage you to go through the application process even if the day you wish to attend is full.  Openings change weekly.
  • Do you provide any health care?
    We prepare a Health Care Plan on all our clients which may include monitoring vital signs and health conditions and administering medications.  The nurse is also able to act as a liaison between the guest/caregiver and the physician or other health professionals if needed.  We provide assistance with activities of daily living as described in Riverview’s admission criteria.
  • Who am I leaving my loved one with?
    Our staff consists of the following qualified personnel: Executive Director, Health Services Director (LPN), Program Director and Certified Nurses Assistants.
  • What is your affiliation with Trinity on Jackson?
    Although Riverview ADHC is a non-denominational organization separate from Trinity on Jackson, we are a mission of the church.  Members of Trinity recognized the need for such a service and assisted us in establishing Riverview ADHC 25 years ago. We are, however, a separate not-for-profit agency. 

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  • My husband has been at Riverview ADHC over a year and he just loves it... The staff is very caring and interested in things the guests are doing.
  • My wife’s reaction to the activity time – ‘it was a breath of fresh air’
  • At first I didn't want to bring him because I felt he was my responsibility. Now he is so happy to come I don't feel that way at all.