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Compassionate care to adults that enhances their well being.


To be the preeminent provider shaping the future of Adult Day Health Services.


Riverview Adult Day Health Center is a safe place providing accredited and licensed services for adults and offering compassionate care on a social, physical, emotional and spiritual basis.

Core Values

Compassionate Care - Committed to caring for guests with love, dignity, and respect
Professional Health Care - Providing licensed and certified staff to monitor health status, administer medications, consult with physicians and assist in physical needs as appropriate
Personal Well Being - Encouraging activity, mental stimulation, and social engagement


Teamwork - Working together with families, staff, and guests to bring positive solutions to difficult circumstances
Inclusiveness - Open to all without discrimination
Collaboration - Providing a community resource that coordinates with state, federal and local agencies
Affordability - Seeking to be a not-for-profit organization that maintains affordable fees through grants, state and federal programs, fundraising, and volunteerism
Individualization - Planning to provide appropriate physical, medical and social activity personalized for each guest

Don’t delay. Availability is limited.

  • My husband has been at Riverview ADHC over a year and he just loves it... The staff is very caring and interested in things the guests are doing.
  • My wife’s reaction to the activity time – ‘it was a breath of fresh air’
  • At first I didn't want to bring him because I felt he was my responsibility. Now he is so happy to come I don't feel that way at all.