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We strive to keep our program rates low.

We make use of grants, government programs, and fundraising as well as our generous volunteers all in an effort to keep rates as low as possible. Limited financial assistance is also available, including Veterans Administration benefits, Medicaid Waivers and Choice Program. Contact us for more information.

Enrolling is easy

Just call and schedule an enrollment meeting, which takes about 45 minutes. Our Executive Director and Nurse will provide an overview of the program, including our mission, admission & discharge criteria, physician forms, and daily activities, as well as conduct a quick assessment to ensure that our services are appropriate for the prospective guest. We will also need to have a Physician’s Order form, completed by the primary care physician, testing for Tuberculosis (results included), and the enrollment application.

Download those forms here:

Enrollment Forms
Physician Orders Form
CACFP Application

Don’t delay. Availability is limited.

  • My husband has been at Riverview ADHC over a year and he just loves it... The staff is very caring and interested in things the guests are doing.
  • My wife’s reaction to the activity time – ‘it was a breath of fresh air’
  • At first I didn't want to bring him because I felt he was my responsibility. Now he is so happy to come I don't feel that way at all.